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Oracle Architecture Questions

1. Explain Oracle architecture?
2. what will happen if you give commit?
3.What is difference between
    pinned vs dirty buffer
    keep and recycle
4. what is logical and physical structures in database?
5. what are the components in SGA?
6. which process will read data from datafile and put in DBBC?
7. What is instance?
8. name 10 instance level parameters?
9. what are the memory parameters in oracle 10G and 11G?
10. what are the new background parameter in 10G and 11G?
11. what is consistent read, logical read and physical read?
12. what are the logical contents of tablespace?
13. what are the physical structures of database?
14. Is it possible to create a database with no paraments in init.ora?
15. what is difference between LMT and DMT?
16. what are the options for shutdown? explain the difference?
17. Explain the process when you give startup?
18. what is checkpoint?
19. what is instance recovery? Who does it?
20. what is contents of control file?
21. what are the parameters for PGA?
22. Explain the usage of PGA and its working  policy?
23. when will dbwr write into datafile?
24. when will log writer write into log file?
25. what is dead lock? how will you know which sql statement has caused it?
26. what is guarantee retention in undo?
27. what is PCTFREE, PCTUSED?
28. what is free list?
29. What is row chaining and row migration?
30. how will find fragmentation? how will you rectify it and how will you avoid it?
31. what do pmon do ?
32. how will you create a password file?
33. what is use of oerr?
34. explain 1555 error? how will you solve it?
34. I have rollback segment of size 1gb,2gb and 3 gb? if i want to update a 3Gb table data , how will you do it without getting unable to extend error.
35. explain undo and is use?
36. how will you find database size, table/index size, tablespace size?
37. how will get the script of a table?
38.  What are the types of indexes?
39. Difference between btree and bitmap indexes?
40. what is difference between rebuild and rebuild online?
41. how will you find index fragmentation?


Published on 17th May 2013

Published by Gopinathan D